Sphynx Cats

Sphynx were originally named Canadian Hairless cats. As with Lykoi, Sphynx are the result of a natural genetic mutation.

A bit of history

The first Sphynx were found in Toronto, Canada in 1966, when a litter of domestic shorthair kittens produced a hairless kitten. The male kitten, named Prune, was mated back to its mother and they, in turn, produced another hairless kitten. The hairless cats were then bred to other hairless barn or stray cats and thus began the breed.

A Canadian science graduate, along with the help of his mother, a seasoned breeder, were able to determine the recessive gene and conduct a successful breeding program. Canadian Sphynx are not to be confused with the Russian Donskoy or Peterbald cats.

In 1990, Jan Plumb brought the first Sphynx cat to the UK. Jan has only recently ceased to breed Sphynx but is still an active member of The Sphynx Cat Club and does a lot of Sphynx rescue work.

Most Sphynx cats have the most amazing loving nature. I like to call them “cadogs” as some like to retrieve!

Our Sphynx Cats

Shalnavazz Gigi is a young girl who has done very well on the show bench. Despite her dark patches Gigi is a red and white girl.

Gigi Sphynx cat
Gigi's Grand Champion certificate

Shalnavazz Da Li is so pretty, that she is staying at home !

More about them can be seen on our Facebook page, Shalnavazz Sphynx