Care for Sphynx and Lykoi Cats


Both Sphynx and Lykoi:

We like to feed our cats good quality raw food and also use a little Royal Canin Kitten until around ten months of age, followed by Porta 21 Grain Free Sensible.

Babies are weaned on raw food at around four to six weeks of age. Raw should always be mixed with oil and warm water.

Some Sphynx seem to have sensitive stomachs and raw feeding plus a little Royal Canin Kitten kibble followed by the Porta 21 agrees with them.

Always have a large bowl of fresh drinking water available.



Clean your cat’s eyes with damp cotton wool when necessary. Ears can be gently cleaned with cotton buds dipped in a little baby oil. Only clean where you can see!

Your cat should only be bathed when necessary not more than once or twice a month. Bathe in warm water in the sink, a deep basin or the bath tub. Use Johnsons baby shampoo or wash, on a sponge to gently clean your baby. I have a jug of clean water ready to rinse mine with. Have a clean dry towel ready to wrap your Sphynx in. He will not take long to dry! The tips of claws should be trimmed once a week. Do this before his bath, so that they do not split. Be careful not to cut into the quick!

Keep your cat warm in winter and out of the sun in summer. A high protection children’s sun block can be applied if your cat is going to be in the sun for a little while!


Lykoi only need an occasional brush with a soft brush. Some of the more sparsely coated Lykoi may occasionally need their ears cleaned.

An occasional wash over with a facecloth is usually enough to clean them as necessary.

Claws should be trimmed weekly. Again only trim the tips being careful not to cut into the quick.

Sleeping and Exercise

Your baby will probably want to sleep in bed with you. If that is not possible, make sure he has a warm bed ( possibly next to a radiator), with a fleece blanket for him to crawl under! Heat pads can also be bought and are cheap to run. I would be happy to advise on the best kind.

Cats need stimulation, play with your cat at least once a day. Most Sphynx will play fetch, which is good exercise!

Cats need excersise. If you do not have stairs, a tall climbing frame should be provided. Provide plenty of safe toys for your cat to play with. Toys with dangly bits, string or elastic should only be used under supervision!

Do not leave any plastic bags, ribbon or string lying around. These could cause harm or even death to a kitten or cat. Keep toilet lids closed.


Do not take chances, if you think your cat is unwell in any way, take him to a veterinary surgery as soon as possible.

Please feel free to phone or Email us with any Sphynxy questions regardless of whether you have bought a cat from us or not!